Looking for Good Waves: The Importance of Signal Integrity in High-Speed PCB Design

Learn about the importance of signal integrity and how Autodesk Fusion helps to analyze PCB electromagnetic performance and ensure signal integrity. In the world of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, signal integrity is a critical aspect that shapes the functionality and performance of the board. However, maintaining optimal signal integrity can be complex, especially with […]

How Technology Is Helping Build Water Resilience Around the Globe

As the cleanup continues from summer 2021’s devastating deluges in Germany, Belgium, and China, it’s more important than ever for water utilities to continue fortifying their systems against future tragedies. When “once in a lifetime” weather events happen every few months, it’s clear that traditional risk-management techniques aren’t enough. Water utilities need to embrace digital, […]

Autodesk Fusion Now Has an Integrated Fasteners Library 

For quite some time, Autodesk Fusion has had integrations with McMaster Carr, Trace Parts, and CADENAS content, each offering a vast assortment of purchase parts. It’s a great place to find anything from bearings, frames, piping, and fittings, and much more. One thing we have heard over the years is that adding fasteners is a […]

Design for Manufacturing With Fusion 360: Key Features and Benefits

In today’s fast-paced product development world, optimizing manufacturing efficiency and quality is paramount. This is where Design for Manufacturing (DFM) comes into play. When design and engineering teams take steps to consider the manufacturing process from the get-go, the benefits are endless. Explore the benefits of DFM and discover which Autodesk Fusion 360 features support […]

What’s new in openBIM and Infrastructure: IFC 4.3 for Civil 3D

The extension IFC 4.3 for Civil 3D 2024 allows civil engineers and designers to share data and context for open project delivery and localization. For architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms working with complex data, software interoperability is a game-changer. Open data formats like IFC allow data to be transferred accurately across different software platforms, […]

Unlocking the Power of Real-Time Data for Facility Operations  

The current state of facilities management: static data prevails  Real-time data can help facility managers improve operational efficiency by 20% through smarter energy usage and asset management. Yet only a minority of firms use real-time insights within daily facility operations. This was a headline finding of a recent poll Autodesk ran with over 100 professionals working across […]

Autodesk Customer Success Story – BG&E Revolutionise Engineering Practices

Advanced Spatial Technologies Pty Ltd (ASt) is proud to present a remarkable customer success story that underscores the power of innovation in the world of engineering. We invite you to delve into the journey of BG&E, a trailblazing multidisciplinary consulting firm with more than five decades of expertise. With offices spanning the globe, BG&E’s specialized […]

Have You Tried: Command Aliases, Shortcut Keys, and AutoCorrect

We’re back with a new Have You Tried and some new tips to make your life a little easier! You can use command aliases and shortcut keys to start a command without moving the mouse cursor between the drawing area and the AutoCAD user interface (UI). Command aliases and shortcut keys can be easier to remember than […]