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Heard about Bluebeam deployment but unsure what it’s all about?

Bluebeam Revu 21 is a software application designed for creating, editing, and collaborating on PDF documents. Deploying Bluebeam Revu 21 across an organization can be a complex process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure that the software is properly installed and configured for all users.

Here are some steps we recommend to consider when deploying Bluebeam Revu 21:

  1. Determine your deployment method: There are several deployment methods to choose from. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose the method that best fits your organization’s needs.
  2. Prepare your environment: Before installing Bluebeam Revu 21, make sure that your environment meets the software’s system requirements. You should also ensure that any necessary software updates, such as .NET Framework, are installed on all target computers.
  3. Create a deployment package: You can use the Bluebeam Deployment Package Creation tool to create a customized installation package that includes your preferred settings and configurations. This package can be used to install Bluebeam Revu 21 across multiple computers. Follow this link to download your deployment package:
  4. Test the deployment: Before deploying Bluebeam Revu 21 across your organization, it’s important to test the installation on a few target computers to ensure that everything is working as expected.
  5. Deploy the software: Once you’ve tested the deployment package, you can deploy Bluebeam Revu 21 across your organization using your chosen deployment method. Make sure to communicate with your users to let them know about the deployment schedule and any necessary instructions for using the software.
  6. Manage the deployment: After the software has been deployed, it’s important to monitor its usage and address any issues that may arise. You can also use Bluebeam’s administrative tools to manage user access and permissions, as well as monitor license usage and renewals.

Overall, deploying Bluebeam Revu 21 requires careful planning and execution to ensure that the software is properly installed and configured for all users. With the right approach, you can streamline the deployment process and ensure a smooth rollout across your organization.

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