Autodesk Customer Success Story – BG&E Revolutionise Engineering Practices


Advanced Spatial Technologies Pty Ltd (ASt) is proud to present a remarkable customer success story that underscores the power of innovation in the world of engineering. We invite you to delve into the journey of BG&E, a trailblazing multidisciplinary consulting firm with more than five decades of expertise. With offices spanning the globe, BG&E’s specialized focus on large-scale infrastructure projects and multi-storey buildings has propelled them into the league of industry leaders.

This captivating case study narrates BG&E’s inspiring transformation. By embracing cutting-edge BIM technologies and Autodesk solutions, they’ve overcome unprecedented challenges and redefined the way they work. From tackling intricate projects worldwide to harnessing the prowess of Revit, Construction Cloud, and BIM360, BG&E’s story is a testament to the monumental impact of digital tools.

Explore the full story to uncover how BG&E leveraged innovation to deliver projects with greater accuracy, heightened efficiency, and enhanced communication. Join us on this journey of evolution and click HERE to read the full case study. Witness firsthand how technology has reshaped the landscape of engineering, setting new standards for excellence.