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Optimise Your Factory Inside Of Autodesk Factory Design Utilities With ProModel

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ASt provides Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS), Computer-Aided Facility Management systems (CAFM) and Autodesk AEC solutions that help professionals deliver better customer service, significantly reduce costs and improve the productivity of their entire organisation.

Autodesk and ProModel have teamed up to offer the best in factory design, optimization, and layout. 

Autodesk Factory Design Utilities has been been helping you plan, build, and manage a highly efficient factory for some time now. Thanks to a new partnership with ProModel, your design capabilities just got even better – through two solutions: Process Simulator and ProModel.

ProModel’ Process Simulator, syncs up with Autodesk Factory Design Utilities. Leveraging predictive analytics, you can quickly simulate your factory model and get process improvement insights, all with the click of a button. This easy to use solution provides designers and engineers with little or no experience in process modeling the most affordable tools.

ProModel’s advanced solution, ProModel, allows you to define your manufacturing processes utilizing Autodesk Factory Design Assets and then simulate the flow of that model in seconds. When combined with Autodesk software, it allows you to leverage the power of Factory Design Utilities to the fullest – seamlessly creating, running, and optimizing simulation models that sync with Inventor and/or AutoCAD.

With Process Simulator and ProModel integrated with AutoCAD and Inventor, you can:

  • Increase confidence in your factory design
  • Create a dynamic environment that predicts current and future processing.
  • Simulate your factory and get quantifiable results
  • Identify bottlenecks, non-value processes, and further your continuous improvement efforts

Through this partnership, visualizing your factory flow and optimizing your layout has never been easier. If you’re interested in learning more about how these products integrate with Autodesk Factory Design Utilities, take a look at the following video:

If you’re interested in experiencing the power of ProModel’s solutions integrated with Autodesk Factory Design Utilities, ProModel and Process Simulator are available through the Autodesk App Store where you can get a 30-day free trial. As for Factory Design Utilities, it’s available through the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection.

Make Better Decisions – Faster – with Process Simulator and Autodesk Factory Design Utilities so you can Make Anything.

Tai Nguyen

Tai Nguyen

Managing Director at Advanced Spatial Technologies

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