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Is your Fire Evacuation Diagram/Plans compliant to AS 3745-2010 ? Read through.

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When was the last time you noticed your building’s Fire Evacuation Diagram ? Sometimes Fire Evacuation Diagrams are taken for granted until an emergency arises. Therefore, it is very important that most building management have sufficient implementation of a Fire Evacuation plan as well as an up to date Fire Evacuation Diagram.  Are you also aware that it is mandatory for all Australian Workplaces and multiple residency buildings to have sufficient fire evacuation diagrams put up. This is essential to provide evacuation information for occupants and visitors during an emergency.

The Australian Standard which provides the provisions of Fire Evacuation Plans & Diagrams is AS 3745-2010. Fire Evacuation diagrams is an essential component to a building’s fire safety plan &  requires to provide relevant information to clearly depict appropriate locations & exits, evacuation procedures, installed equipment, assembly areas & also direction of evacuation.



The fire evacuation diagram should provide an up to date pictorial representation of the area of the building’s floor as based on AS 3745-2010. Relevant emergency equipment installed in the facility / building should be marked up on the diagram as symbols based on the directional aspect of the diagram. The following are examples of the required information & their recommended symbols.

  • Exit lights and exit routes
  • Assembly points/areas
  • Location of Fire Diagram i.e. ‘You are here’ sign
  • Emergency information
  • Portable and fixed firefighting equipment of each sorts
  • Manual call points (MCP)/communication equipment.
  • Fire control rooms
  • Emergency procedures
  • Diagram creation date & next review date 
  • Site name and full address.

Based on AS 3745-2010,  evacuation plans need to be reviewed every 5 years. The evacuation diagram also be positioned at a height not less than 1200 mm and not more than 1600 mm above the floor. There’s also a requirement for the diagram to have the correct orientation with regard to the direction of evacuation diagram, whereby the ‘YOU ARE HERE’ point should face perpendicular to the wall the diagram is placed at. 

Also based on AS 3745-2010,  the evacuation diagrams shall be displayed where occupants and visitors are able to view them. The Emergency Planning Committee has a role to determine the location and number of evacuation diagrams for a facility.

AS 3745-2010 does provide the option of including additional information on the evacuation diagram, with the consideration of the facility’s Emergency Planning Committee, though not a mandatory requirement of AS 3745-2010.

The minimum size of an evacuation diagram is A4 (i.e. 210 mm x 297 mm) with a pictorial representation of the floor or area of at least 200 mm x 150 mm or an area of at least 30 000 mm2 . However, where any additional information is includedthat is, anything in addition to the items listed in clause 3.5.5the minimum size of the evacuation diagram is A3 (i.e. 297 mm x 420 mm) with a pictorial representation of the floor or area of at least 300 mm x 200 mm or an area of at least 60 000 mm2 .

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Tai Nguyen

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