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How to get started with BIM 360 Design

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ASt provides Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS), Computer-Aided Facility Management systems (CAFM) and Autodesk AEC solutions that help professionals deliver better customer service, significantly reduce costs and improve the productivity of their entire organisation.

How to get started with Autodesk BIM 360

BIM 360 Design is a Real-time Revit cloud worksharing and collaboration workflows for Civil 3D and Plant 3D

  • Securely co-author Revit models and access Civil 3D and Plant 3D files, across one firm or multiple firms

  • Improve productivity, reduce rework, and accelerate project delivery

A subscription or contract for BIM 360 Design is available by contacting ASt on 1300 672 888 for a quote.

The duties of the Account Administrator and the Project Administrator are defined below:

Account Administrators:

  • Create projects & activate services.
  • Add or remove members.
  • Assign project admins.
  • Assign additional account admins.

Project Administrators:

  • Add or remove members to project.
  • Set permissions & visibility.
  • Adjust project details.

After the BIM 360 subscription is activated, the Account Administrator receives an email with a get started link.

User-added image

Click the “Activate your account” button to launch the Account Administration portal and then sign into Account Administration using the appropriate Autodesk ID. If no Autodesk ID exists, click the “Create Account” button.

Note: Each welcome email is meant for only one person – do not forward it to others. The first time account administration is accessed, it is done from the email invitation.
User-added image

When BIM 360 Account Administration is first signed into, use the Account Settings profile page to customize the account. A company logo can be uploaded, edit how the account name appears in BIM 360, invite account administrators, and define the business units. Follow these steps to customize the account:

  1. In account administration, click Settings.
  2. Click the Profile tab.
  3. Click Add Account Image and upload an image or logo.
  4. For the account name, click the pencil icon and enter the name that will appear in BIM 360 and in notifications. Then click Save.

Account administrators can create projects and assign project administrators to BIM 360 services. To create a project:

  1. In Account Administration, click Projects, then Add.
  2. In the Create Project Profile dialog box, specify the project name, and enter the project information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
  3. Specify the language. English is the default.

User-added image

After creating a project profile, choose the services to activate. For BIM 360 Design, activate the Document Management and the Design Collaboration services in the project.

User-added image
Note: The services displayed vary depending on which services were purchased.

You can activate services when creating a new project, or after the project is created. If you are activating services now, go to item 4 in the following section.

Account Administrators can activate services and add project administrators to a project. To add Project Admins to a project:

  1. In account administration, click Projects.
  2. Click a project in the list.
  3. On the Project Admin page, click Services.
  4. Choose the desired BIM 360 service and click Activate. For example, for BIM 360 Document Management, click Activate to add an administrator and integrate BIM 360 Document Management with the current project.
  5. Enter the member’s name or email. Click Save to send the welcome email. This email allows project administrators to sign in to the account with their Autodesk ID.

Note: Existing members are notified that they’ve been added to the account as project administrators. User-added image

Note: Account Admin will auto-populate already added team members or you can copy settings from other projects.

Once services have been activated, the modules appear in the module picker.

User-added image

A Project Administrator can:

  • Organize Project folders.
  • Invite Project Members.
  • Set Folder Permissions.
  • Manage Files.

Organize folders for the project:

Every project starts with preconfigured top-level folders to support a specific process or data type. These folders are called Plans and Project Files. Subfolders can be added to these folders. Use Plans to manage, publish, and review the latest set of construction documents, in both 2D and 3D formats. Use Project Files for any project document, including design data and all other document types.

Note: The Design Collaboration module only supports folders under Project Files.

Subfolders can be manually created for teams in the Document Management module, or through a managed path using the Design Collaboration module. The managed path is recommended as it creates the correct subfolders and its permissions. For more information, see the help topic To Work with Folders.

To go through the managed folder/subfolder path go to:

  1. Go to Project Admin > Services > Design Collaboration > Add Team.
  2. Enter the desired Team name.

Note: New team folders are created with this approach. The default location of these team folders can be defined in the lower section of this dialog box.

User-added image
The newly created Teams and their paths display:

User-added image

  • Go to Project Admin > Members > Add.

Note: After entering an email address, press Enter or add a comma.
User-added image

User-added image

To invite members to a Team (and set permissions within the Team):

  1. Go to Project Administration > Services.
  2. Select Design Collaboration.
  3. Select a team.
  4. Click “Manage team members.”

User-added image

Here you can add individual members, all members of a certain role, or all members from a certain company.

User-added image

The Document Management module allows more granular control over permissions on the Project Files data. For more detailed Document Management workflows, review the BIM 360 Help.

To manually set up folders and subfolders:

  1. Go to the Document Management module and create a subfolder for each team.
  2. Then go to the Design Collaboration Administrator to define them as teams.

User-added image


User-added image

To assign a Team to the Folders:

With the team folders created, teams can now be assigned to them:

  • Go to Project Admin > Services > Add Team and select the Team folder you wish to assign.

User-added image
User-added image

Design Collaboration requires certain permissions on folders and subfolders for the data exchange between the various project teams. These are set through the permission levels:

User-added image

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