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Five Fusion 360 Tips & Tricks

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ASt provides Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS), Computer-Aided Facility Management systems (CAFM) and Autodesk AEC solutions that help professionals deliver better customer service, significantly reduce costs and improve the productivity of their entire organisation.

Fusion 360 is the future of design. It’s the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool of its kind, connecting the entire product development process into one cloud-based as well as cloud-enabled platform.

If you haven’t heard of Fusion 360 before and you’re here just out of curiosity, to know more about this ‘TALK-OF-DESIGN-TOWN’ software, read through the ABC introduction of Fusion 360 in the poster below.

Now that you know what Fusion 360 is, and if you’re a beginner user or even if you’ve not used the product before, feel free to read through the tips and tricks as it can give you an idea on how convenient it is to work with. Now, let’s dive in to the first tip;


1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know you can work with Keyboard Shortcuts with Fusion 360 ? Yes, perform common actions or tasks with just a click of a key or navigate quickly while just pressing down on keys without searching for its function through different tabs. Keep or print the following list of keyboard shortcuts for easy reference or simply to tryout your hands on the software.

Also, do note that Fusion 360 allows for setting or customise your own shortcut keys to your preference.

2. Mouse Control Preferences

Now that we’ve touched on the helpful common keyboard shortcuts, we’d have to compliment that by mentioning about Mouse controls as well. This one, is a treat because Autodesk has taken into cooperation that many designers might have built a 3D model in another software beforehand or might have a range of experience in a certain 3D CAD software. Therefore, the use might be more accustomed to the mousing control preferences of that software. Fret not, as Fusion 360 gives you the freedom of choosing the mouse control preferences based similarly to which software you are used to ! How good is that? No more getting dizzy from pan, zooming and orbiting mistakenly !

3.  Orbit Controls

Since we’ve mentioned the mouse, which really, plays a huge role in orbiting, did you know that in Fusion 360, you are able to free up or constrain the orbit ? Jump from a constrained orbit when you would just like to view around the axis between the Top & Bottom planes of the View Cube. This gives you more control while rotating the view of your model.  But if you’d like to view your model from any angle, set to the Free Orbit option which allows your model to ‘tumble’ in any orientation.

4. Select Other

Okay. This tip is a good one from Autodesk University themselves. This tip is useful for placing sketches on sections of a different WCS plane.  Since it’s a selection tip, it’s also useful for selecting  the parent assembly of a component in the graphics window. Just left click and hold, without moving your cursor, and a two tab dialog will pop up at the tip of your cursor.


5. Repeat Last Command

Most CAD designers will always be reusing their last command. It is one of the most used tool in most CAD software. Fusion 360 provides this ability via mouse gestures, to make this easy. To activate this tip, with no command active, right click, and sweep up through the 12 o’clock portion of the context menu which pops up.


So that’s our 5 tips. Stay tuned to know more about Fusion 360 and if you have any queries about this, give us a call on 1300 672 888 or drop us an email on




Tai Nguyen

Tai Nguyen

Managing Director at Advanced Spatial Technologies

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