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Using Bluebeam Revu for Construction Estimation

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ASt provides Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS), Computer-Aided Facility Management systems (CAFM) and Autodesk AEC solutions that help professionals deliver better customer service, significantly reduce costs and improve the productivity of their entire organisation.

The past decade has seen plenty of constructions & there has been further increase in the coming years. With the advancement of technology and the rapid as well as ever increasing number of construction, the industry sees expansion at a rate whereby one might lose out if one is not quick enough to catch on the opportunity. With the rise of construction, most companies also see a rise in competition, with many wanting to have a piece of the pie.


The estimating process in a construction project has been a vital process & practiced for years. The requirement for estimation are similar but the process itself has found improvement and evolved to suit the current complex design & legislation necessities.

To be competitive in this current construction market, companies are required to undertake newer technologies & methods to be more efficient & hence , more cost effective as well.

However, technology can be a little overwhelming especially for people who have been in the industry for a long time and have gotten used to older methods due to the ease of familiarity. As quoted by an old timer, he was afraid and sometimes overwhelmed by the various new functions which seems complicated that comes with new technology.

It is often important to have technology be straightforward to work with, but yet powerful to be able to ease time consuming, overcomplicated as well as mundane part of the job done.

When an estimator who was in the industry for a good time was asked to try out Revu, he found that he managed to complete in just one day an estimation that was not only more accurate but would have taken two weeks initially. And it was easy to use. A tech-savvy field operator was on the job to figure out the quantity takeoff technology and found that he managed to avoid some costly mistakes, with ease of verification using Revu. Revu has now become standard for surveyors and estimators



It is also helpful for technology to be user friendly as most construction projects & companies will require various and many stakeholders and people involved to be using the same technology. Having one which is able to be easily navigatable & used by all sections of a construction project and company will improve productivity, making it much more cost effective and avoiding chances of mistakes. In terms of construction estimation, buildings & infrastructures don’t just consist of steel, glass & concrete, they’re a collaboration of craft, intellect & experience born out of careful planning, & the project’s success lies in the ability to share the right information at the right time.

In this post, we will focus more on Bluebeam Revu working as an estimation software.The good thing about Bluebeam Revu being an estimation tool is that it aids in precision.

Precision is everything for estimators. Accurate quantity takeoffs are a crucial early step for any contract, and Revu has long been great for estimators performing quantity takeoffs.

Measurements taken in Revu go beyond length, width and area, with functions to calculate volume, depth, radius, slope, rise, drop, angle and arc and cutouts. Features like Dynamic Fill section off and fill complex drawing regions to easily generate area measurements, while the Count tool and Visual Search can be used for calculating and tracking quantities.

Revu also allows you to be able to have a differentiation or separated areas by creating & different designated ‘types’.

Revu also allows you the option of creating your own equations for calculations which assists in your estimation. Costs generation is the most common and is easily linked to your measurements.

What’s more, you can live link measurements and counts for materials into Excel spreadsheets using Quantity Link. As you work and add measurements, the data will automatically populate the spreadsheet so you always have an up-to-date cost analysis.


As the saying goes ; ” The first job done with Bluebeam Revu often pays for itself ”.

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