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Bluebeam Revu 2019.1 (recalled) & Revu 2019.1.16 now available

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ASt provides Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS), Computer-Aided Facility Management systems (CAFM) and Autodesk AEC solutions that help professionals deliver better customer service, significantly reduce costs and improve the productivity of their entire organisation.

Update 1 April 2020 2019.1.16

Resolved Issues:

  • Exception Error encountered when performing in-app update
  • Certain PDFs showing lines of text as thick, black lines
  • Bluebeam Previewer not showing PDFs in full scale and zooming causes errors
  • All “Report an Issue” emails defaulting to regardless of language selected
  • Document canvas shakes when navigating some documents in certain environments


Full Installer

Update from 2019.x

Revu 2019.1 Announcement: Bluebeam Product Management team conducted an analysis to assess the situation and made the decision to release a patch update (Revu 2019.1.16) in the next 2–2.5 weeks. In the meantime, Bluebeam removed the Revu 2019.1 version from all relevant systems to limit the number of users that may be impacted by these issues.

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What’s New

Revu 2019.1 features a number of significant issue fixes and enhancements, including support for the latest versions of Navisworks and SketchUpimproved load times for scanned imagesand Japanese language support.


  • Added support for Navisworks 2020
  • Added support for SketchUp 2019
  • Updated Japanese translation of Revu and related resources
  • Improved load times for file types, especially scanned images

Issue Fixes

Fixed issues relating to:

Measurements and Markups
  • Cloud+ markup callout start point moving when certain properties are changed before placing from tool chest
  • Certain properties not appearing in the Dynamic Properties Toolbar when markup line style changed to “Cloud”
  • Subject and Label properties remaining locked when a markup is locked then unlocked
  • Multiple quick Undo operations causing Revu to crash
  • Polyline and Rectangle markups not being properly reset under specific conditions
  • Markups sometimes disappearing after clicking hyperlink
  • Auto size text preference changing when moving text box
  • Text alignment in text box reverting to Left Justified when text is changed
  • Custom colors appearing as black when attempting to change color on grouped markups
  • Some dropdown lists in the Dynamic Properties Toolbar truncating on certain monitor configurations
  • Changing the subject of a Sequence in the Properties panel breaks the Sequence markup group
  • Sketch to Scale measurements inconsistent when X and Y measurements use different scales/units
  • When an invalid scale is set, the field with the invalid scale is not being highlighted
  • Pressing ENTER to enter values not working in some places
  • Placing only one Count with a caption from Tool Chest doesn’t show the caption until the count is moved
  • Calibration units defaulting to inches even when scale set to metric
  • Some escape methods not working when adding a Viewport
  • Subject and Label properties incorrect when some markups are grouped
  • Changing the units on a count creating errors in width, height, or depth
  • Switching documents sometimes causing wrong measurement units to be shown
  • Calibrating and applying a scale after placing a measurement causing issues when placing subsequent measurements
  • Measurements not updating to new calibration on “Apply Scale”
  • Styling problem with disabled items in Measurement menu on Measurement panel
  • Incorrect totals shown in Dynamic Properties Toolbar for some measurements before placement
  • Centroid icon staying highlighted when disabled in Measurement panel
  • “Show caption” unable to disable from measurements doc tab
  • Radius type defaulting to 3-point type
  • Measurement tools not staying highlighted
  • Count markups grouping with other markup types
  • Default properties for 3-point radius measurement not being saved
  • Insufficient warning when deleting all viewports from a document
  • Memory leak when using Count tool on certain PDFs
  • Dimension markup losing center control point after scrolling pages
  • Copying a Count with a custom formula creating inaccurate counts
  • Save as Append feature in Word Bluebeam plugin failing
  • Revit: Export rooms to spaces with all views and sheets selected gives wrong output file
  • AutoCAD: Errors in log file after converting 3D file
  • Revit: Warning appears when converting PDF from Revit with an Open license
  • SketchUp: Plugin crashes SketchUp when exporting
  • Solidworks: Plugin still appearing in the Bluebeam Administrator after uninstalling
  • Plugin for AutoCAD not keeping Layout Name Only settings on second plot/pdf
  • Cancelling certain batch processes causes an exception that doesn’t clean up correctly
  • Switching pages when loading a document with many pages causing rendering problems
  • Rendering problems under specific configurations for things not in the document window
  • Disconnecting from or reconnecting to External displays causes open document’s canvas to disappear (GPU Rendering Only)
  • Highlight Viewports not causing Canvas Refresh
  • Inconsistent results when searching folders/subfolders, & recents
  • Artifacts after closing last document in Visual Search tab
  • Cancelling Search not working
  • Visual Search status message getting cut off
  • Sequences being duplicated if deleted then undone while offline
  • Saving a file to Projects and placing measurements before closing and reopening the file dirties the document
  • Projects: invoking edit action causing the split window to open
  • Uploading/downloading file to a subfolder level with long path failing silently without error message
  • Going online with a Rogue edit after the file has been sent to a Session does not cause the file to be “In Conflict”
  • Some Project dashboard options not showing after switching from View Mode
  • Studio: Active server can be deleted via the Delete key on the keyboard which causes Revu to crash when the settings are saved
  • Non-WinForms doc tabs display incorrectly after toggling Auto-Hide Tabs off
  • In Studio Project details view, right-clicking on an empty column name area brings up wrong context menu
  • Studio Session tabs for Records/Notications/Pending flickering
  • Delete, Undo markups in Session not updating in document thumbnail until user hovers over the thumbnail
  • Projects: Hyperlink feature incorrectly showing as enabled for checked-in documents
  • Projcets: Reconnecting after losing access leaves connection icon in limbo state
  • Studio Enterprise: File in Studio Projects Adopt Sibling Folder’s Permissions instead of Parent’s
  • Empty string in a Studio whitelist crashes Revu
  • Launching Revu by opening a PDF when Studio Panel is active and set to “Keep me signed in” generates debug.log
  • Projects: opening a file in a certain Project causing “An item with the same key has already been added” error
  • Exceptions when saving U3D file upon closing Revu
  • Error when trying to load bookmark structure after restoring settings
  • Using Capture with some cameras causes Revu to crash
  • Batch Sign & Seal completion dialog shows 100% when the process is not complete
  • Some digital signature images do not display in Revu
  • Stapler shortcut not placed on desktop during MSI install when command line calls for it
  • Error registering Revu via Bluebeam Administrator
  • Revu Preferences not opening under certain configurations
  • Installing Revu and then registering with a Standard or CAD license generates warning that features are disabled on launch
  • PDF properties fields cut off tails on some letters
  • Bookmarks not working properly when combining PDF with bookmarks with another PDF that was converted from Word
  • Encryption information potentially revealed in error message under specific circumstances
  • Tablet/Surface: user can reorder pages on Session and Secured files via thumbnails tab and cause shifted markups
  • Unable to add tags after selecting Remove all Tags from the Tag Preferences dialog
  • Custom Categories not appearing in Category list when adding documents to a Set with Categories set to ‘Manual’
  • Reuse Stamp reverting to a previously used stamp
  • Dynamic text “User” in a stamp references username in Revu Preferences. The same stamp used in a Batch process references Windows username
  • Markup Summary: Checking/cancelling Custom Filter on some columns when creating summary crashes Revu
  • When “Format Numbers” CSV Export preference is unchecked, Totals remain formatted with non-breaking spaces as thousandths separator.
  • Insert Pages with Interleave Pages turned on not working
  • Grouped markup becomes ungrouped after changing Subject on the Properties panel
  • Intermittent scrolling in Single Page mode
  • Tool tips not appearing for Dynamic Fill toolbar
  • Scrolling up on a multi-page PDF in Continuous Mode unexpectedly jumps to incorrect position in document
  • Undocked Markup List can’t be resized beyond a certain dimension.
  • Revu might open a default PDF instead of Welcome tab after being uninstalled/reinstalled if Open PDF on Startup had been set
  • Opening a large collection of documents can trigger race condition error.
  • Revu experiences launch errors on Windows 7
  • Edit text causing text to disappear
  • Custom RGB value in color palette with value ’12’ or ‘120’ switching value when document is saved
  • Files created by Archicad 22.0 publisher throwing errors on second open and corrupting on save in Revu
  • Computer Name no longer writing to the Start Event in the Revu.log
  • Visual Search not highlighting selected items on the page
  • Deleting .tdl cache files while document is open causing errors
  • Cannot Delete Pages from file with a named destinations with a null page reference
  • Sandy Bridge Intel processors using the onboard GPU incompatible with Hardware Rendering
  • Revu crashes when rendering a file on systems with a Matrox M9148 LP PCIe x16 GPU
  • Launching the Bluebeam Stapler 2019 with Open Licensing results in registration error
  • Revu registered with an Open License triggering a message stating user is offline when they utilize BBPrint
  • Running Batch Hyperlink under a custom Profile causes Revu to Freeze
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